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    Robi Comb Pro


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    Safe, Effective, Easy-To-Use.
    1 AA battery operated (not supplied).

    Finally, Eliminate Head Lice Safely and Gently without having to put your child in the bathtub!

    Looking for an alternative to using chemical pesticides?
    Robi Comb Pro can be used frequently as well as safely, as a preventative treatment program with no harmful side effects. Robi Comb Pro has been proven successful by both school nurses and parents. It is a reliable and safe alternative to chemical treatments and for the elimination of pesticide-resistant lice.

    As the comb slides through dry hair, it makes a soft humming sound until it encounters a louse. At that time, the sound stops and a small electrical charge passes from one of the combs teeth through the louse and instantly killing the louse. Using the small brush included in the package, the user removes the dead louse from the combs teeth and resumes combing. The comb can be stored and used repeatedly by the entire family.

    Detect head lice & zap them dead on contact!

    Detects, kills and removes head lice.
    Features 2 operating modes: Lice Detecting and Lice Killing.
    Can be used repeatedly by the whole family.
    Safe, effective and chemical-free.
    The comb makes a buzzing sound that stops when lice are trapped/killed. In order to re-activate simply clean the combing unit’s teeth using the brush/magnifying-glass.
    Operates on a single AA battery housed under the bottom cover, efficient power to kill several lice in one combing action.
    The brush/magnifying-glass is easily located inside the battery cover.
    The combing head can be easily removed for thorough cleaning.
    The actual combing unit can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement.
    Instructions in English, Italian, Spanish, French and German.

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    Weight1 kg
    Dimensions20 × 12 × 35 cm
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