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      Esthetic Facial Epilator


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      Epilady Esthetic is our hygienic & lightweight facial epilator. Recommended for epilation of facial hair inclusive of upper lip and chin. Designed with a security guard cap partially concealing Epilady’s contoured *PetiteCoil*.

      Epilady Esthetic is specifically styled to ensure precise control, confidence and safety.

      Esthetic will result in delicate facial hair removal, blemish free and baby soft skin, whilst enhacing your femininity.

      Femininity is Timeless!

      Epilady’s *Spiral Coil* is ranked as the highest selling epilator on the planet!

      1 Year Limited Warranty

      Epilady Australia / New Zealand warrants this Epilady Esthetic product to be free of defects due to faulty workmanship or material, for a period of one year from the date of purchase. If such defects should occur to the professional care product, Epilady Australia/New Zealand will on its option, either replace or repair it free of charge, provided the customer:

      1. Submits proof of date of original purchase.
      2. Returns defective or unsatisfactory product to Retailer of purchase.

      Parts and units used for replacement are under warranty only for the remainder of the original Warranty Period. This warranty does not apply if the product was altered or repaired or otherwise tampered with by an unauthorized person/s and/or is used other than in accordance to the manufacturer’s instructions, nor does it apply to damage resulting from accident, misuses, dirt and water or if it was subjected to unreasonable use for a product of it’s nature.

      Additional information

      Weight0.5 kg
      Dimensions20 × 20 × 1 cm