How does the Epilady work?

Why is Epilady So Famous

Because Epilady is the World's first fully patented Epilator launched Internationally in 1986 and is significant in having created a revolution in the marketing of hair removal. We always remember the 1st.



Due to the frequent use of your continual "razor cutting" of hair at skin surface this encourages hair to grow back more coarse and harder, becoming more difficult for epilation to initially take place. Once the *prickly hair* regrowth has been removed with Epilady Jewel at root level, naturally your hair will continue to gro back slower, softer and finer.

How could I be sure it is a genuine Epilady?

Epilady is a Registered Trade Mark and all Epilady products visibly bera their brand Name & Logo for easy recognition. Some things just cant be copied.

What is Epilady's Commitment?

Epilady's commitment is to offer excellence in creative beauty solutions whilst enhancing your personal charisma.

How long does it take to use Epilady?

Once accustomed legs and arms approx 10 to 20 minutes. Smaller areas under arms and bikini approx 5 to 10 minutes.

What does Epilady feel like?

Most women may experience as a first time user just a mild *tugging away* sensation which will diminish with each subsequent use.

Where can I use the Epilady Jewel?

Epilady Jewel is designed to use on fine or coarse hair on legs, arms, underarms and bikini areas only. Epilady Jewel is not recommended for facial hair removal.

How does Epilady work?

Because Epilady's state of the art, revolutionary patented technology coupled with the interlocking contoured *Circular Spiral* ensures with the lightest touch, to glide in your hand uniquely in all directions at high speed efficiently and meticulously grasping and removing unwanted body hair immediately on contact from beneath the skins surface, whilst rotating thousand times a minute. The magic of the spiral.

How often will I use the Epilady

*No waiting time, just any time*
At only 2mm Epilda removes hair at root level, resulting in the area remaining hair free for an average of 4-6 weeks. Naturally and conveniently at your leisure and comfort of your own home, you may do touch ups whenever desired.

Can Epilady Travel?

Sure - Worlwide. Not only is Epilday small and light enough to fit into your handbag, can can additionally be fitted with International adaptors for use everywhere.

Is Epilady a proven product?

Absolutely, the internationally patented Epilady has been clinically tested and approved here, in Europe and the USA, so with the utmost confidence you may now for the first time become and join the world's millions of women who are already experiencing silky smooth and velvety hair free skin for weeks at a time and who have fallen in love with their Epilady.

For Facial Hair Removal?

Epilady Esthetic's *petite coil* is our only recommendation for epildation of facial hair removal iniclusive of upper lip and chin.


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