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      Epilady Jewel





      For the First time, familiarize yourself with the way your Epilday feels by trying it on the palm of your hand.

      Epilady’s Innovative Jewel Rechargeable *Circular Sipral*
      Epiladys’s rotating spiral coil vibrates at high speed. This unique technology increases hair removal with precision and efficiency.


      *Jewel* = Dual Speed

      Speed 1 for fine and softer hair

      Speed 2 for hard and coarser hair

      Charging Procedure

      Complete charge = 8 hours

      For usage = 45 minutes

      1 Place the On / Off Switch to Off position
      2. Plug the electrical cord into the device
      3. Insert transformer into and electrical outlet.
      4. A RED control LED will indicate the battery is being charged.
      5. Extended charging time will not damage the device or transformer

      At any time should your Epilady Jewel run out of charge, you can operate your rechargeable Epilady Jewel whilst connected to an electrical outlet.

      Epilady is most effective on clean and dry skin, free of natural body oils, fragrant lotions and cremes.

      For the very best results, ensure to stretch the skin taut in the area you apply the spiral to.

      In circular movements begin applying Epilady to a small area at a time to achieve the most comfortable and accurate resuts with a fabulous *salon finish*.


      Due to the frequent use of your continual “razor cutting” of hair at skin surface this encourages hair to grow back more coarse and harder, becoming more difficult for epilation to initially take place. Once the *prickly hair* regrowth has been removed with Epilady Jewel at root level, naturally your hair will continue to grow back slower, softer and finer.


      The transformer supplied to you should be the only one used with your Epilady

      Epilady is for use on legs, arms, underarms and bikini area only.

      Consult your physician before using Epilady if your skin is particularly sensitive, or if you suffer from varicose veins, hemophillia, diabetes or any kind of skin ailments. Should any health issues of concern arise, consult a physician and refrain from any further use of your Epilady.

      In order to keep your Epilady operating efficiently and to achieve the best results, the coil must be cleaned after each use with the brush provided. Regularly clean and wipe your Epilady with a soft cloth.

      Epilady is NOT a toy. Ensure to keep away from children.

      DO NOT USE:


      • ON any facial hair.
      • On open wounds, bruises, sunburned skin or protruding moles or warts.
      • IN the bath or shower.
      • If the appliance, electrical cord or transformer has been damaged.

      Additional information

      Weight1 kg
      Dimensions20 × 12 × 35 cm